Realized investments

We invest in projects with a promising business model, sales strategy, and principally, an ambitious team of people.

Pietro Filipi.

Czech fashion icon

The story of Pietro Filipi began in 1993 when the founder Petr Hendrych decided to start a brand which will produce quality Czech fashion and will let people express their true style. A team of professionals, Czech and foreign designers work together on each season. The value of the Pietro Filipi brand is in its design, quality and the limited number of produced articles which supports the exclusivity. In 2019 Pietro Filipi realized sales of 19 million EUR.


Traditional Czech manufacturer

Kara is a geniune Czech brand which has been present on the Czech and Slovak market for tens of years and is focused on apparel made of leather and fur and related accessories. In 2019 Kara realized sales of 15 million EUR. The company has it’s own retail network of 46 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Premium women lingerie

Etam is a premium French lingerie brand. C2H became Etam exclusive distributor for Czech and Slovak Republic in 2019. For 102 years, Etam has been dedicated to supporting confident, empowered women not only in France. With 860 stores in 50 countries and thanks to profession’s high standards, the influence of Etam in the world of lingerie and fashion is increasing and Etam aims to become a global key player brand around the world. Etam designers are trained in haute-couture techniques and create Etam’s own unique lace in collaboration with the greatest lace makers. The flagship store is located on the Champs-Élysées with the size of 500 m2. C2H operates 9 shops in Czech Republic and 2 in Slovak Republic. In 2019 company realized sales of 1 million EUR.


In the past we invested in various technology companies without targeting a particular segment. Following our purchase of fashion companies, our technology orientation has shifted towards retail and the tools with which to increase its effectiveness. We look for opportunities related to our primary line of business. Our experience allows better evaluation of risks and validation of the benefits of the given technology solution. C2H Ventures invested already in the companies Expando, Apify, Shopsys, Flatio and Liftago. In December 2018 we realized successful exit from the company Liftago. The realized ROI exceeded 50% for the period of ownership of 14 months. In September 2019, after nearly three years, C2H Ventures sold the shares of companies Apify and Shopsys with ROI 90.5%.


Taxi app with professional drivers

Czech tech project which operates and constantly develops a platform for the optimization of urban transportation in the Czech Republic and other foreign countries. Liftago focuses on „Smart Cities“ where people will stop being dependent on own automobiles and this will eventually solve traffic and parking problems. In 2018 C2H sold its 14% share to the company Livesport. ROI exceeded 50% with ownership slightly longer than 12 months.

Apify. Shopsys.

Online data analysis, process automation, e-shops

In September 2019, after less than three years, C2H withdrew from investments in Apify and Shopsys with a yield of 90.5%. Apify deals with the collection of structured data from the web and the automation of manual processes on the web. For example, it allows clients to streamline not only their services, but also sales or marketing through notifications. More than 450 e-shops now operate on Shopsys e-shop developer platforms. Shopsys is expanding abroad with its ShopSys Framework platform too.