Our projects

We seek and create investment opportunities with above-average appreciation. We invest in projects with a promising business model, sales strategy, and principally, an ambitious team of people. We can adapt to different investment opportunities.


Our immovables strategy includes the acquisition of high quality real estate projects with the aim of developing or transforming their existing concept. Through active management and initiative, we transform projects into new and profitable concepts offering attractive yields. We also ensure the appropriate development of the associated overall municipal planning concept and its social acceptance.

Investment criteria

For immovables, we seek outlook for projects with in attractive locations which are in an advanced stage of building permission proceedings with the and have prospects of rapid and high-quality completion.


We invest in projects with a promising business model, sales strategy and an ambitious team of people with skills we believe in. The greatest asset of any company or project is a team of people which has a clear vision and the necessary motivation and drive to successfully execute their strategy. We look for projects aiming for global success and a primary focus in e-commerce.

Investment criteria

For venture capital, we assess the ability of a project and its team to achieve global success. We appreciate an ambitious vision and give regard to market potential and the competitive environment. We are willing to enter venture capital projects in cooperation with other investment partners.

Private equity

We participate on investments in various areas of business, from established manufacturers to promising service providers. We invest in companies with growth potential in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. We not only provide capital, but also support for strong management teams, group synergies, and strategic consulting and expert services. By investing in necessary and modern technologies, we always want to kick start the future potential of our investments.

Investment criteria

In the field of private equity, we invest in established companies which have unique perspectives for growth or in companies where we can identify weaknesses and help generate added value by delivering the necessary change.