We invest
in people

We are innovative. We're not afraid of new challenges. We create investment opportunities, we do not wait for them. We are fast and flexible.

Structure of the group

We are a team of professionals with great experience. We seek and create investment opportunities with above-average appreciation. We invest in projects with a promising business model, sales strategy, and principally, an ambitious team of people.

Private Equity

In the field of private equity, we invest in established companies which have unique perspectives for growth or in companies where we can identify weaknesses and help generate added value by delivering the necessary change.


For venture capital, we assess the ability of a project and its team to achieve global success. We appreciate an ambitious vision and give regard to market potential and the competitive environment. We are willing to enter venture capital projects in cooperation with other investment partners.

Investment process


initial evaluation

At the start of a considered acquisition, the investment opportunity is initially evaluated with regard to the project’s concept, its inclusion in the group’s portfolio, possible associated synergies with other companies in the group and expected development of the project. The structuring and submission of a non-binding bid to sellers follow the evaluation.



After the submission of a non-binding offer and prior to acquisition, due diligence is performed, resulting in a detailed knowledge of the project or company and inputs for a binding price offer. Here, we also assess our intentions with the project and the abilities to use our experts during future development. In the case of a minority input, we focus on the term-sheet in which the investment contract and correct relations between the individual investors, shareholders and founders are set up.



Discussions over the transaction documentation and incorporation of requirements and findings from previous investigations follow. We always strive for an honest and fair discussion with the counter party so that we can successfully complete the investment.



If both parties agree to the conditions, implementation of the project begins and the transaction documents are signed. After this, the correct relations between individual parties are configured and competencies are allocated for the transition of ownership.